Couples Counseling


When things aren’t going well in your relationship it can impact your whole life. Couples counseling is a process that can really help. I have witnessed couples who were on the brink of divorce or even already separated put their relationship back together in a much better way! When you come to see me for couples counseling, your relationship becomes my client.  Generally speaking, you can anticipate the following schedule for your upcoming sessions:


You will come in as a couple.  I will invite you to talk about what has led up to you seeking therapy at this time.  The goal of this session is to make sure each one of you is heard in front of the other.  My role will be to clarify what you are saying and why you are saying it if needed.


Each one of you will be encouraged to come in individually to go a little deeper into the issues you are having as a couple.  My role will be to possibly take a closer look at the way each of you grew up or important events that may be impacting your relationship.  Sometimes issues are brought to light that were not said during the initial meeting.


It’s important to note that I have a no secrets policy.  If one of you discloses something to me that I feel has a direct clinical impact on your relationship I will encourage you to bring it up as soon as possible.  I reserve the right to bring it up if I feel it is critically important to moving forward.

SESSION 4  and beyond...

After your individual sessions we will all meet together again with a clearer treatment plan.  I will know the two of you a little better and you will know me. Armed with better knowledge, this is where we get to work on interventions to help your relationship thrive!

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