Adult Individual Therapy


So, you are considering starting therapy with me. Excellent! Let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect from this experience. Generally speaking you can anticipate three broad phases. I like to think of them as the “ What ,” “ Why ,” and “ What do I do now? ” phases.

1. The “WHAT” Phase

The first thing we are going to do is talk about what is bringing you in for therapy. This can actually start when you make the call to see me. I will probably ask you what you are coming in for. I want to know what is happening in your life right now that is causing you distress. I will make sure I am the right professional for what you are seeking. When you come in, we may look at when it is happening and if it is better or worse at any times. We might talk about whether this is a new situation or one you see as a pattern in your life. We will spend some time defining what the issue is together so we can move forward as healing partners.

2 . The “WHY” Phase

After we discuss what is happening we will spend some time putting on our detective hats to try to discover why it is happening. We might need to look at how you grew up or major events in your life that have left an impact. Some people refer to this as “insight” or “aha” moments. We will know we have achieved our goal if we now know why you are having the issue you are. Some people think this is all you do in therapy. For some clients it is enough to know why they are doing whatever they are doing or feeling in order to move forward. For others, it is the next phase that is the most important.

3 . The “WHAT DO I DO NOW?" Phase

Now that we know what is happening and why it’s happening, for some people it’s really important to know what to do now to move in a more positive direction. This is where we get to be creative. With my education and experience, and your great ideas and participation, together we will have you enjoying your life more and feeling better than you have in years... or maybe ever.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes long. You will come in the door and maybe get a cup of coffee to bring inside an office that will hopefully feel like sitting down in someone’s living room. It is not unusual for me to hear clients sigh with relief when they plop down on the comfortable couch across from me. Maybe it’s because they know for the next 50 minutes the world has just become about them and their health and happiness. Some clients even wind up asking if they can have a 2 hour session at different points in their therapy. I am always open to this request, schedule permitting.

I hope to see you soon!